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Incarnation is one of Indivisible Gaming's best-selling RPGs, known for its excellent character progression. In the latest update of the game, there is a focus on Action and Defense upgrades. This is like an alternative to buying new weapons and armour for your party.

The upgrades included in Incarnation are different and more functional than they are in most RPGs: instead of simply modifying stats, these upgrades meaningfully change and expand on the core gameplay. These upgrades are not tied to experience or money, which can be easily grinded, but instead they'll be linked to exploration.

You can upgrade any of your playable Incarnation characters' Action or Defense stats as well as abilities. You will able to perform more spells if your creature has Action Ringsels, and if you have the Defense upgrades, you can apply additional pieces of armoury, and increase damage reduction.


Within the world of Incarnation, there are a small number of sacred relics known as Ringsels, which is a Tibetan word referring to Buddhist relics. These artefacts were scattered around the world by a catastrophe thousands of years ago, and are filled with spiritual power.

There are two types of Ringsels in the game: gold which are for Action, and silver, for Defense. Use them wisely to upgrade your characters' abilities in battle. 

Finding Ringsels

Ringsels are rare, but they can be found in any part of the explorable world in Incarnation. While they can occasionally be found in larger bundles (a very rare occurrence), they are usually found individually. The best way to find a large amount of Ringsels is to kill a superbeast.

The superbeasts or bosses that you encounter in the game are creatures that have collected Ringsels in the wild, boosting their strength to superhuman levels. If you can find and defeat these enemies, you will be able to claim all their Ringsels.

Charging Ringsels

Since the Ringsels were scattered on the planet thousands of years ago, any Ringsels you initially find in the game are dormant. However, they retain their affinity for Action and Defense, and so are the perfect receptacles for those spiritual energies.

To charge up your Ringsels, all you have to do is battle against other beasts and creatures, which generates energy to store in the Ringsels. The more damage you inflict on your enemies, and the more skill you display, the more energy you'll produce, which will charge the Ringsels faster. When you have charged a Ringsel, you are able to use it to upgrade any of your main characters.

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