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We are excited to reveal another release from Indivisible Gaming - the much-anticipated computer game Cast List. This amazing game is very unique, centred around how to become an actor or actress. 

There are so many different characters you can choose to play as, such as a teenager trying to relocate to Los Angeles, a graduate who wants to train at California Institute of the Arts, a voice-actor who is trying to break into New York City theater, or an established actress, singer, and performer who is considering which next big role to take.  

There are also various locations you live in, for example France, UK, London, New York, Los Angeles, and Indonesia, and you can travel from one to another when you receive certain acting credits.

There are many small side quests involved that help you along your journey to becoming an actor or actress. For example, you might appear in national commercials, Netflix, television shows, and movies, or feature in America's Next Top Model or AX Idol. You can find work as a voice actor, co-host a podcast or web series, or try and build up fans on YouTube: if you reach over half a billion views you unlock a new part of the game, with more film and TV opportunities.

There are many awards that you can win, such as Emmy Awards, CMG Film Festival Award, or even Best Actor or Actress at the Los Angeles Pacific Asian American Film Festival.

To make it as an award-winning actor or actress in Cast List, you will need to build up numerous guest star appearances, or a score of independent films, to build up your on screen credits. But there is not a single path to achieve your goals in the game, just like in the real acting, singing, dancing, and performing industry.

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