Qadira Animation and Gameplay

Posted on February 8, 2017 5:18 pm

We’ve got another early look at one of the characters we’re working on right now, Qadira!


Qadira is handy with a shield, and she uses it to both attack her enemies and defend her friends!

All of Qadira’s attacks have a secondary hit or function, used by pressing her attack button again or holding it.

Pressing the button again for her neutral attack gets another hit in…


…While holding the button gives herself a defense boost.

If you end her combo with the defense boost, she’ll also be able to counterattack enemy hits for a short period of time!

Qadira’s Up attack launches your enemy, and the second hit smacks them back down!

And her Down Attack trips up opponents, with the second hit launching them.

Building on her defense theme, one of Qadira’s Iddhi moves allows her to cover the rest of the party, blocking incoming attackswith lightning-fast speed.

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