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It's been a few weeks since our last major update - it's a busy time, because we've been working hard on Indivisible Gaming's first Preview Build.

Since we were in pre-production for all of last year, the Preview is more than just something for our fans to play and give feedback on. It’s also an internal test for the team to extensively test the tools, verify that our production pipeline works as intended, and try to iron out any inefficiencies or problems we find along the way.

We'll have more information on the release date soon, but here's some of what you can expect to see in it when it hits.

We have built a section of the forests that you can play in the Preview. There are also some extra goodies hidden about for god measure. We have put a lot of our focus on achieving a lusher, more illustrative environmental style that meshes better with the character sprites. Please note that these environments, as improved as we think they are, are still a work-in-progress and will be receiving additional polish before the game’s final release.

We are releasing a few new monsters to fight in the Preview Build. They have all got new attacks, and will be making a return in the final release of the game.

There is also an update to the battle flow, with clearer transition between exploration and battle modes, to give people more time to mentally switch between gameplay styles and control schemes. Enemies will now wait to attack so they can group up with other enemies, so that the Defense phase of battle occurs less frequently and gives you more to do each time it happens.

There is also a new, simplified control scheme that doesn’t require the player to switch weapons and ability sets on the fly. The control scheme in the Preview Build may not be exactly as it is in the final implementation, but we will continue to refine the controls as we gauge feedback.

The engine running Indivisible Gaming has been hugely upgraded, including robust real-time lighting and shadows, allowing us to make more atmospheric locations than ever before. 

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Peter Clayton

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