Zahra Animations and Gameplay

Posted on December 20, 2017 1:41 am

Hailing from a faraway land, Zahra seeks to soothe this troubled world with her music.

Wielding nothing more than her trusty Oud, Zahra is a bard and has no direct means of attack. Instead, she functions purely as a support character, using her inspiring songs to buff the party, as well as debuff her enemies.

Each of her “attacks” plays a song, which she will continue to play for a set period of time, until the player instructs her to play another song or until she is interrupted by an enemy.

Playing the same song repeatedly will stack its effect, increasing its power and duration. Each song has three levels of power, and stacking it beyond that will help prevent it from being interrupted by enemies.

Zahra’s Neutral song is “Empower.” While playing this battle hymn from her tribe, the party’s attack power is increased.

Meanwhile, her Up song is “Cheer,” a ceremonial melody which refreshes the spirit and increases the rate at which the party’s actions recharge.

Finally, Zahra’s Down song is “Fortify,” a soulful dirge which reduces the Iddhi cost of blocking and reduces the damage taken when blocking.

Zahra’s Level 1 and 2 Iddhi powers function a bit differently from other characters’, as they add additional effects to her songs. And this is where her musical talent really begins to shine.

Her Level 1 Iddhi power instantly heals the party for a small amount, and will also apply a regeneration effect as long as she’s playing a song. The strength of the regeneration effect is also increased with the strength of the song.

Zahra’s Level 2 Iddhi power adds a debuff to all enemies while the song is playing, which varies with the song. And, again, the strength of these unique debuffs will increase with the power of the song they’re accompanying.

Neutral / Empower: Applies “Featherweight” effect on enemies, making them float in the air longer to help with juggling.

Up / Cheer: Applies “Guilt” effect on enemies, which causes them to receive a portion of the damage their attacks’ base damage.

Down / Fortify: Applies “Confusion” effect on enemies, which may cause them to attack each other or themselves.

As for her Level 3 Iddhi power… well, we don’t want to spoil everything.

And finally, here’s a look at Zahra’s final model sheet



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