Welcome to Tai Krung City

Posted on September 29, 2017 7:39 pm

Tai Krung City is the largest city in Navar State, a bustling metropolis crammed into a narrow mountain crevice.

Because of its unique geography, Tai Krung is seemingly stuck in perpetual night. The primary source of light outside? The bevy of neon signs adorning the city’s many shops and restaurants.

We wanted the Tai Krung environment to feel lively and lived-in, and we even came up with a fantasy script so that the signs would be consistent.

Ginseng and Honey are originally from Tai Krung City, where their parents run a popular apothecary.

Exploring Tai Krung City will not only take Ajna and her cohorts to the city’s rooftops, it’ll even take them through people’s homes!

At the top of Tai Krung City is Mara’s Den, a heavily fortified nightclub run by the notorious kingpin, Mara.

Mara is flooding the city with Ohma, a powerful drug created from the waters of the Ocean of Milk.

The only thing standing between Mara and complete domination of Tai Krung City is Naga Rider! Expect us to cover Naga Rider’s animation and gameplay in the coming weeks!


New Environment Staff

With Indivisible in full production, Lab Zero had to fortify its environment team. We have four new environment artists to introduce!

Max Gonzalez – Lead Environment Artist

Max “Beezul” Gonzalez got started in the industry as a contract artist for Sparkplug Games, working on low poly characters for mobile games in 2011. He moved from Richmond, VA to Orange County for his first in studio job at Carbine Studios working on Wildstar as an Environment, Prop, Texture, Concept and Housing artist.

After working at Carbine for 3 years Max moved over to Riot Games, where he was hired primarily to work on the new SRU map. While at Riot, he also helped with many things including the Poro visual update, the Bilgewater map, the Snow SRU, the Rift Herald design, and the Gnar figure merch.

After 3 years of working at Riot Games he was inspired to work with a much smaller team of super-human talented awesomeness at Lab Zero Games as the new Lead Environment Artist.

In his free time he enjoys painting colorful characters and illustrations. Look for Max and his work on Twitter and Instagram!

Juliano Yi – Environment Artist

Juliano graduated from Hollywood’s Gnomon School of Visual Effects with a focus on Modeling and Texturing for games in 2016. After a few small freelance gigs, he was fortunate enough to join Lab Zero Games to work on Indivisible.

In his spare time Juliano enjoys walks on the beach, plotting world domination, and wasting away with mediocre mobile games.

Follow him on Twitter!

Jen Seaman – Environment Artist

Jen is also a graduate of Hollywood’s Gnomon School of Visual Effects where she studied modeling and texturing for games. After a short stint working on models for 3D printing for theme parks, she was fortunate enough to join Lab Zero as part of their environment team thanks to an introduction from former classmate, Juliano.

In her free time, she enjoys sleeping, playing with her new shiba puppy, making her coworkers jealous of her new shiba puppy, and playing Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

(See what we mean!?)

Sam Youn – Environment / Concept Artist

Sam graduated from Laguna College of Art and Design in 2015 and has worked freelance gigs here and there.

He met Max in 2016 and worked on skins for Riot Games, until eventually joining Max at Lab Zero as part of the environment team.

In his free time he enjoys listening to K-Pop and eating Panda Express.


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DISCLAIMER: Please note that everything above is concept art, and subject to change in the final game.

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