Welcome to Kaanul

Posted on February 2, 2018 9:41 pm

On the far side of the world lies Kaanul, a prosperous nation surrounded by lush rainforests.

While historically the people of Kaanul were thought of as warm and welcoming, an event shook the world sixteen years ago turned them inward. Kaanul’s ruler, the Snake Queen, had a prophecy that an “obsidian wind” would take all of her people away.

For their safety, she began moving her citizens into a massive underground Haven they had excavated so they might weather out the coming disaster. Ever since, Kaanul’s citizens have lived their lives both above and below ground.

But recent events have convinced Kaanul’s Snake Queen that her prophecy will soon come to pass, and she has ordered everyone to move into the Haven so that she may permanently seal it with a magical barrier. Lead by the Queen’s adjutant, Tzitzi, the change has been swift and severe.

To reach the Haven, Kaanul’s people had to navigate the treacherous cenotes beneath their city.


These caves run through a leyline, infusing the water with an energy that causes it to float and take on unusual shapes.

The Haven itself is meant to be a home beneath their home, a place they can weather the end of the world in peace for decades, if necessary.

The Haven even features a Tlatchlibol court to keep the people entertained.

But not even the heroic plays of twin superstar players Hunoch and Xiboch can stop the people from wondering if the Queen’s prophecy is nothing more than a delusion, and if they’ve had their freedom taken from them for nothing.



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DISCLAIMER: Please note that everything above is concept art, and subject to change in the final game.

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