Our Transgender Resource Page

Welcome to Indivisible Gaming's resource spot for our trans friends in tech! We're based in Chicago and are all about creating a friendly and supportive space where everyone, especially transgender individuals, can really shine in the tech scene.

We know the tech world can be tough, with its own set of challenges for trans folks—from not feeling represented to facing outright discrimination. That’s why we're here to help knock down those barriers together.

Every quarter, we host casual meet-ups where you can connect with both allies and folks who get it. It's a place to share stories, get support, and maybe even find new opportunities. Speaking of opportunities, we’re always on the lookout to bring talented people into our team—so there could be a spot just for you!

Check out our resources, join us at a meet-up, or just get in touch if you’re looking for a place in tech where you’re valued just as you are. Let’s make tech better together!

Alarming Statistics That Made Us Take Action

Transgender individuals face significant employment challenges due to pervasive bias and discrimination. Key statistics highlighting these challenges include:

  1. High Unemployment Rates: Transgender individuals are twice as likely to be unemployed compared to the general population. This is exacerbated by systemic discrimination and lack of legal protections in many areas, leading to a high risk of poverty among transgender workers (National Center for Transgender Equality) (National LGBTQ Task Force).
  2. Workplace Discrimination: Over three-quarters of transgender people have experienced some form of workplace discrimination, including harassment, privacy violations, and even physical and sexual violence. This discrimination often forces transgender individuals to change jobs frequently to avoid or escape discriminatory environments (National Center for Transgender Equality).
  3. Underemployment: A significant portion of the transgender workforce is underemployed, with reports indicating that over 40% of those who are employed are not working in positions that match their qualifications or provide sufficient hours (National LGBTQ Task Force).
  4. Income Disparities: Transgender workers are nearly four times more likely than the general population to have a household income of under $10,000, which underscores the severe economic impact of discrimination and underemployment on this community (National LGBTQ Task Force).
  5. Legal and Systemic Barriers: Despite some progress, such as the Bostock v. Clayton County Supreme Court decision affirming that federal law protects transgender individuals from employment discrimination, there are still significant gaps in explicit legal protections across the country. Only a minority of states provide clear protections against discrimination based on gender identity (National Center for Transgender Equality) (National LGBTQ Task Force).

Our Quarterly Meet-ups

Every quarter, our Chicago office lights up with the Indivisible Gaming Meet-up, a key event for tackling workplace discrimination in the tech industry. These gatherings are a platform for transgender individuals and allies to share their experiences, and each session is highlighted by a guest speaker who brings unique insights into diversity and inclusion. Their stories pave the way for meaningful discussions and help attendees connect with employers committed to creating inclusive spaces, including opportunities at Indivisible Gaming.


Local employers are also a vital part of these meet-ups, joining us to listen and learn from the community. Their involvement is crucial in transforming workplace cultures and opening doors for skilled individuals often sidelined by bias. By participating, they contribute to a broader movement towards a more inclusive tech environment. Come join us, hear from our speakers, and be part of this important conversation!

Our next meet-up

When: August 9th

Where: 300 N LaSalle Street, Chicago, Illinois, 60654, USA

What is provided: Snacks and drinks are provided, you don't need to bring anything.

Facing discrimination and looking for a new employer?

Are you a trans individual who has faced discrimination in the workplace? If so, Indivisible Gaming is here to help. We're not just looking to expand our own team; we also have a strong network of local employers committed to inclusivity. Whether you're seeking a fresh start with us or elsewhere, we're dedicated to helping you find a supportive and understanding work environment. Reach out to us—let's see how we can help you move forward in your career.

Just Get Involved

Get involved and make a difference with us at Indivisible Gaming! If you're a trans person facing difficulties in the workplace, our quarterly meet-ups offer a supportive space to connect and share your experiences. Allies are also welcome to join and show their support, helping us foster a truly inclusive community. Whether you're looking for guidance, support, or an opportunity to help others, we're here to assist. Come along to our next event and see how we can work together to create positive change. Let's stand together in solidarity—everyone is welcome!