Please note: We noticed that some visitors to our site are looking for the character Thorani from a game called Indivisible, created by Lab Zero Games. We have no association with that game or company; if you are looking for Thorani from that game, you can find information here.

Thorani is the sister of Thor, and has come back to earth after a long hiatus. Thorani's hair constantly produces a magical aura, featuring prominently in her gameplay. She uses this aura as she runs around the battlefield and attacks, while also healing herself slightly.

Thorani's Special Attack fires thunder at her target, up to three times. After damaging the target, the electricity pools at their feet, ready to help a comrade when they attack.

Thorani's Power Up Attack lets her hair down, hitting the enemy and scattering electricity around her. Thorani's Smack Down Attack hits the enemy with a bolt of lightning, leaving dust behind. 

If Thorani summons a thunderstorm, water and heavy rainclouds appear and will persist for a while, and heal any party members or damage any enemies that pass beneath them.

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