Thorani Animation and Gameplay

Posted on October 1, 2018 8:28 pm

After a long hiatus, we’re back!

Between E3, Anime Expo, GamesCom, PAX West, and, of course, making the game, we’ve been really busy. With those events out of the way, we’ll be working to provide regular updates again.

Today’s update focuses on Thorani, a deva whose cool waters can calm even the most wrathful souls.

Thorani’s hair constantly produces a magical, healing water. She leaves puddles of this life-giving water as she runs around the battlefield and attacks, and these puddles feature prominently in her gameplay.

If your other Incarnations run over one of these puddles, the puddle will disappear, the Incarnation will be healed slightly, and your party will gain a small amount of Iddhi.

Thorani’s Neutral Attack fires water at her target, up to three times. After damaging the target, the water pools at their feet, ready to help a comrade when they attack.

Thorani’s Up Attack lets her hair down, hitting the enemy and scattering smaller puddles around her.

Thorani’s Down Attack hits the enemy with a wave, leaving a puddle behind.

Thorani’s sole Iddhi Power changes any puddles on the field into rain clouds. 

Rainclouds won’t generate Iddhi, but they’re persistent for a while, and heal any party members or damage any enemies that pass beneath them.

That about sums Thorani up!

We’ll leave you with her model sheet and a couple more animations:

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