Tai Krung City Enemies

Posted on November 30, 2017 11:58 pm


A few weeks ago we gave you a closer look at Tai Krung City, the vibrant, shadowy city ruled by the crimelord Mara.

In today’s post, we’ll take a look at some of the foes Ajna will be squaring off against as she explores its colorful environs.

With the city guards stretched beyond their limit and abuse of Ohma on the rise, violent bandits roam Tai Krung looking for money to pay for their next fix.

Also roaming the streets are Pelesits, blood servants created by bomoh shamans. Many roam the streets as their masters died or abandoned them and harass the the unsuspecting citizenry of Tai Krung.


With the city in chaos and the guards doing their best to keep order inside the city, aquatic Makara have slipped in from the surrounding forest looking for food.


A mysterious figure that recently rose to power as Tai Krung City’s new crimelord, not much is known about Mara’s past. His insatiable appetite for life’s pleasures drives his thirst for money, which he makes by flooding the streets with the drug, Ohma.


With his ill-gotten wealth and influence, Mara has assembled a deep stable of powerful and skilled henchmen. Flying high above all of them is Garuda Cruel, his personal bodyguard. Like a living jet, he rains hellfire down on anyone foolish enough to challenge Mara’s rule.


Garuda Cruel is Naga Rider’s nemesis and the strongest fighter in all of Tai Krung City. Knowing that Mara has many enemies, he waits to be challenged by a worthy opponent.


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