Ren Animations and Gameplay

Posted on January 19, 2018 9:21 pm

Ren is an assassin from a reclusive island nation, who works as an elite mercenary for Tai Krung’s crimelord, Mara.

Ren is as quick on his feet as he is with his trademark chain-sickle. Instead of blocking, Ren can nimbly dodge incoming attacks – even magical ones!

His neutral attack not only damages his target from afar, but trips them as he reels his chain-sickle back in.

With his Up Attack, Ren dashes towards his enemy and spins his chain-sickle above his head, hitting everyone in a radius around him.

Finally, Ren’s Down Attack plants a trap in the ground to impale incoming enemies. For more strategic options, he can even plant traps as he returns to Ajna’s side following his Up Attack.

Ren’s Level 1 Iddhi power builds on his Neutral attack, culminating in a powerful scorpion sting.

After the attack is complete, Ren licks his sickle blade clean, which may provide an added effect in the future.

Ren’s Level 2 Iddhi power creates several attack-capable copy images, allowing him to cooperate with himself to quickly finish off his foe.

You’ll have to wait to play with Ren in the game to see his final Iddhi power, so look forward to it!

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