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Ren is the name of one of Indivisible Gaming's bestselling computer games in Australia. It is based around the main character called Ren, who hails from a reclusive island nation. He is as quick on his feet as he is with his trademark sword, and instead of blocking attacks, Ren can nimbly dodge incoming attacks.

Ren is able to neutralise his opponents and cause damage to his target from afar using his throwing knives, as well as tripping them over using rope that he always keeps handy.

When Ren uses his Power Up Attack, he dashes towards his enemy and spins his sword above his head, hitting everyone in a radius around him. With his Take Down Attack, he plants a trap in the ground to impale incoming enemies. There are plenty of other strategic options you can use such as power builds, culminating in a powerful sword thrust.

After Ren completes his attacks, he licks his sword blade clean, which provides an added effect of recovering his health power.  

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