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After a lot of hard work, Indivisible Gaming's popular game, The Razmis Challenges is coming to Nintendo Switch! You will be able to play the series of fiendishly clever challenges that require unique set of skills to complete. It will be made available in most regions on Nintendo Switch for $7.99!*

Those who have played The Razmis Challenges before will know that there are forty unique levels that will test your intellectual prowess. To make sure each level isn't too easy, each challenge allows only a handful of abilities to be used in each one.

You can access the challenges in order, and as you progress through the game and acquire more abilities, more challenges will be unlocked! One of the trickiest levels to conquer is the Inner Realm which involves a tent and some materials.

Your progress in The Razmis Challenges can be saved along the way, but also make sure you save your game before you log out at the end of your session or your progress will be lost. We hope you enjoy playing The Razmis Challenges and try to complete them all!

Indivisible Gaming is also happy to announce the update of "New Game+" (or New Game Plus) which will include two new game modes! 

New Game+ is a slot game where you can unlock bonuses, abilities, weapons and incarnations. Right from the start, you'll be able to access secret jackpots and even play with advanced features. If you have friends that you want to play alongside you, it is easy to link up so you can see their screen on yours while you play. You can play with up to three additional players! 

We hope you enjoy the new modes and games we are bringing to Nintendo Switch! Thanks for being fans of Indivisible Gaming.

*Regional pricing may vary

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