Roulette is one of the more popular online casino games not just in NZ but the world. Part of its attraction is its ability to appeal to people across skill levels. And that’s because as far as online casino games go, roulette is one of the easier ones to learn. But there is a difference between understanding the game and mastering it. 

Make no mistake – there is no shortcut to roulette mastery. What I will do though is highlight some of the ways you can get better at online roulette and steadily increase your likelihood of winning. There are both digital versions of online roulette and live dealer games featuring real croupiers streamed real time in HD. These tips apply to both. 

Understanding Roulette

We start with the basics. Roulette involves a player betting in which pocket a ball will rest when a spinning wheel (called the roulette wheel) comes to a stop. The roulette wheel has a core of 36 pockets that alternate between the colours black and red. 

In addition, there are one or two more pockets depending on the type of roulette wheel. The American roulette wheel has two (numbered 0 and 00) while the European wheel has one (numbered 0). The 0 and 00 pockets are coloured green and represent the house advantage. American roulette has a higher house edge than European roulette.

There are two main types of bets you could place in online casino roulette – outside bets and inside bets. With outside bets, you bet on a large set of numbers which gives you a higher chance of winning but comes with a lower payout. As for inside bets, you place bets on specific or small sets of numbers. You stand to get a larger payout on winning an inside bet. However, the odds of winning are lower. 

While this is an overview of how roulette works, take note that there are variations in rules from one type of roulette to another. Major types of roulette include American Roulette, European Roulette and French Roulette. It’s crucial that you understand the rules of the specific roulette variant you choose to play on before you get started.

Strategies for Online Casino Roulette

If you are going to win at online casino roulette in NZ, you must be systematic. And there are dozens of strategies you could potentially use. A strategy does not guarantee a win but it does provide a basis for more calculated decision-making. It also removes issues of emotional betting, and chasing losses. Different strategies have different risk levels so you have to take into consideration your risk appetite. Some of the more popular strategies for online casino roulette include the following.

Martingale System

In this playing method, you double your bet after each loss. The objective is to eventually recover your total losses thereby making a profit. The Martingale System is best suited for large bankrolls that can withstand a sizable losing streak. Keep in mind that roulette tables have maximum bet sizes that can be reached quite quickly if you need to double your bet several times in a row.

D’Alembert System

If you want to tread extra cautiously, the D’Alembert System may be your best option. In this strategy, you increase your bet by a single unit when you lose and decrease by a single unit after a win. Effectively, the D’Alembert System provides a steady albeit slow path of progress while keeping your losses at the minimum. 

Fibonacci System

The Fibonacci System derives from the famous Fibonacci sequence – a number is the sum of the two numbers preceding it. When you lose, you increase your bets by totaling your two previous bets. And if you do win, you reduce your bets by the total of the two earlier bets.

Other Systems

There are at least a dozen other systems you could consider including the Paroli and Labouchere techniques. Each comes with a unique formula for enhancing gameplay and hedging your losses.

Managing Your Bankroll

Ultimately, it’s your bankroll that keeps you in the game. So making sure you are always in full control of your spending is critical. Start off by defining a total budget for play. That could be an annual budget, quarterly budget, or monthly budget.

Thereafter, set a session limit. This is a limit you will not exceed per session irrespective of the betting strategy you are running on. It serves as a kill switch so you do not overextend yourself whenever you get caught up in the excitement of playing online casino roulette. Do not deviate from your session limit or your total budget, irrespective of how tempting things get.

Your betting money should come from the entertainment allocation of your personal finances. Never eat into money going to your savings and core expenses in order to feed gambling fun.

Making the Most of Bonuses and Promotions

Online casinos are for-profit ventures. Like any business, they use various tools to grow customer numbers and therefore revenue. Bonuses and promotions encourage repeat play and reward loyalty. From a player’s perspective, bonuses and promotions can be a means of enhancing online roulette winnings.

Online casinos typically have welcome bonuses for new players, often after the initial deposit. For example, at Casumo Casino, you can claim 100% match bonus up to $1,200 on your first deposit! This means if you deposit $100, you will receive an extra $100 bonus that you can play with! Click here to claim this offer now, and start playing roulette! 

Some online casinos may even have no-deposit bonuses. With these, you get the chance to play and win, without depositing any of your own money into the casino. Always read the requirements of the bonus program to understand any caveats.

Other than bonuses, casinos will have one-off and seasonal promotions. Regularly read email and website notifications to know when they are available. Often, these promotions are more lucrative than the bonuses and provide a good chance to expand your online roulette winnings. 

Casinos have loyalty programs as well. Accumulate membership points that can be redeemed for products or services within and outside the online casino. Also access other perks such as cashback offers.


To win at online casino roulette in NZ, you need to understand the rules of online roulette, identify an appropriate play strategy as well as making the most of bonuses, promotions, and loyalty programs. Importantly, keep a close eye on your bankroll by setting budgets that you stick to even when you don’t feel like it. Play responsibly and never allow the fun of online roulette to jeopardise your financial security or relationships with close friends and family.  

These principles do not guarantee winning at online roulette but they do considerably increase your chances of engaging in fun, sustainable gameplay over the long term.

About the author 

Peter Clayton

Peter is one of Indivisible Gaming's developers and has been working with us since 2015. When he isn't busy working on an upcoming game, he loves writing about all the games that he has played and tested. His experience in the industry is second to none, and we are grateful to have him on our team.