No one who sets out to play online casino games does so with the intention to lose. The casinos themselves understand every player is trying to win as much as they can. Nothing wrong with that goal. But there is the wrong way and the right way to do it. 

Using underhand, unauthorised tactics to trick the casino and gain an unfair advantage is not only prohibited – it is unethical. Plus, it’s incredibly difficult too. To be clear, this article does not in any way endorse such cheating techniques, and we will not discuss any ways to trick or hack the casino. 

Instead, we are going to explain and discuss the legal, above-board strategies and opportunities that can significantly increase your chances of gameplay success.

Understanding Online Casino Systems and Security Measures

Before we get into legitimate strategies, let’s paint a picture of just how online casino systems run and why it’s so hard to circumvent them. Like their brick-and-mortar counterparts, online casinos use a number of methods to ensure fairness, equal opportunity and security.  

Their first and perhaps most important weapon is the use of random number generators (RNGs). Like their name implies, RNGs generate random numbers that ensure outcome unpredictability. The game protection afforded by RNGs is complemented by robust cybersecurity, data protection, pattern-detecting and anti-fraud systems. Game and player data is concealed via complex encryption. 

You may think you can trick the casino by setting up multiple accounts to claim several welcome bonuses. By monitoring behaviour, casinos ensure that any attempt at bonus abuse is blocked promptly. Trying to create multiple accounts to repeatedly access new player free spins and bonuses won’t work, because online casinos use a combination of data points to triangulate user identity. These data points include IP address, device type, email account, phone number, name, credit card, and mailing/physical address.    

Any attempt at breaking past these security systems is highly unlikely to succeed. Even in the extremely remote chance that you manage to trick the casino, you will be risking: 

  • Permanent ban from the platform 
  • Forfeiture of any existing funds
  • Criminal prosecution

It’s not worth it.

Remember, credible online casinos do not just put in place these safeguards to protect themselves and their users. It’s often one of the conditions for compliance with regulations and retaining their operating licence. They are regularly audited by external auditors, government regulators and other third parties to ensure conformity with industry rules and best practices.

Strategies to Enhance Gameplay

Now that we have a better understanding on the difficulty of cheating online casinos, we can get into the legitimate strategies you have at your disposal to improve gameplay. 

First principle of winning at online casinos is gaining a thorough understanding of the game you intend to play. Irrespective of how excited you are about playing, take enough time as you need to do this. Find out what the rules are and read through each line of fine print. Understand the odds, as each different casino game will have different payouts. Soaking in this knowledge means you are less likely to be met with any unpleasant surprises later on.

Next, practice. You get better at something by doing it repeatedly. Online casino games are no different. Good thing is you don’t have to risk losing your money to practise. Many online casinos offer free demo versions of their games where you can learn the ropes. Using this free play, you can get a better grasp of game mechanics and increase your confidence before using your own cash.

Identify and deploy one or more strategies relevant for the specific game you want to play. That could mean employing basic blackjack strategy, sticking to a betting pattern for online roulette, or following specific bankroll management tactics for online slots. 

Finally, bankroll management should be at the centre of your entire play irrespective of the game. It’s not just financial prudence but is a central pillar for responsible gambling. Set a total budget but also define a limit per gaming session. Also, develop strict timelines for play. If you are dedicating an hour or two over each weekend, stick to that. That way, you can enjoy the thrill of playing but avoid the financial pitfalls of emotional betting or trying to win back money.

Maximising Bonuses and Promotions

Online casinos typically have to work harder than physical casinos to attract and retain customers. For this reason, they offer multiple incentives to persuade new and existing players to keep coming back. You can leverage these bonuses and promotions to your advantage and increase your odds of winning. 

Welcome bonuses are fairly common. They’re issued to new players the first time they sign up and deposit funds. It effectively increases your available bankroll and/or multiplies the number of times you can play. Another type of bonus, the no-deposit bonus, is not as common as the welcome bonus but is arguably more lucrative. Here, you do not need to deposit any money. Instead, you play and have the chance to win real cash with no risk.

Online casinos also have loyalty programs to reward their most committed players. The program provides access to cashback promotions, exclusive offers and other benefits within and outside the online casino.

Note that each bonus and promotion is governed by a set of terms and conditions. Always read these to know what you can and cannot do. Most bonuses have wagering conditions, and failure to satisfy these means forfeiting your winnings.


Wrapping up, online casinos employ sophisticated security measures to ensure all players are governed by the same rules and play conditions. Not only is trying to game the system exceedingly hard to do, it is also unethical and illegal. You are better off focusing your energies on the legitimate ways to increase your odds of winning. 

Understand how online casinos operate, pay attention to the rules of each game, and tap into tried-and-tested playing strategies of the games you like. Then practise, practise and practise some more, using free demo versions or the real game. Define your budget per session and stick to it. Control your play; don’t let play control you. If you feel like you are losing control, reach out to the people around you or contact the Gambling Helpline.

About the author 

Peter Clayton

Peter is one of Indivisible Gaming's developers and has been working with us since 2015. When he isn't busy working on an upcoming game, he loves writing about all the games that he has played and tested. His experience in the industry is second to none, and we are grateful to have him on our team.