The amount of money Kiwis put into online casinos is still a fraction of what goes into conventional casinos. But while revenue growth in physical casinos is stagnating or regressing, their online counterparts have bucked the trend and demonstrated consistent growth. Online casinos have multiple advantages over conventional establishments but do have some noteworthy areas of concern. 

Take problems with money withdrawal. It’s fairly straightforward when you’re dealing with someone face to face at a traditional casino but can be intimidating when your only means of engaging the casino is through email, live chat or phone call. In such a scenario, how do you get your money? Let’s find out.

Understanding the Regulations in New Zealand

Before you understand the paths at your disposal, you need to first know the rules as set out by New Zealand’s gambling regulations. The Gambling Act of 2003 is the primary law governing the operations of the casino industry in NZ including online casinos. It defines your rights and the casino’s obligations. Compliance with the Gambling Act of 2003 is overseen by the Department of Internal Affairs and the Gambling Commission New Zealand

Local companies are prohibited from offering online gambling. Kiwis are however allowed to gamble on offshore online casinos. This means offshore online casinos may be beyond the regulatory reach of the Gambling Act 2003. The good news is that credible offshore online casinos are licensed and regulated by a government-backed regulator. Examples of bodies that licence offshore online casinos include Malta Gaming Authority and Alderney Gambling Control Commission.

Before you set out to resolve a withdrawal problem, read the relevant section of the licensing body’s laws that govern what the online casino should do. Typically, these laws state customers have the right to withdraw their money when they want to as long as they have satisfied all reasonable conditions. They also require the existence of a dispute resolution process in case the withdrawal cannot be processed.

Common Reasons for Money Withdrawal Issues

With credible online casinos, money withdrawal problems are rare. And they mainly occur due to a number of somewhat predictable reasons such as:

  • Technical issues — Problems with the website or payment processor during withdrawal. The transaction may go through if you try again later when the issue has been resolved.
  • Wagering requirementsWagering requirements define the conditions you must satisfy before you can withdraw your money. If your withdrawal fails, check to ensure you meet these before escalating the matter.
  • Identity verification — As an anti-fraud control, some casinos may need you to confirm your identity before the withdrawal is processed. To prevent transaction failure, ensure you provide the information required.
  • Account abuse — For example, creating multiple accounts on one casino website as means of taking advantage of welcome bonuses and other player perks is a sure way to get your accounts flagged and withdrawals blocked. You should have only one account.

Above all, read beforehand the online casino’s terms and conditions, especially those relating to money withdrawal.

Steps to Get Your Money Back

Step-by-step guide on how to request a withdrawal from an online casino

Before exploring options for dealing with process hiccups, first a look at the general procedure for withdrawal. Note that the menu names may vary from one casino to the next.

  • Log into the casino’s website and navigate to the Banking or Cashier section.
  • Select Withdrawal and choose your preferred means of payment. 
  • Key in the amount and submit.

Tips for dealing with potential withdrawal issues

You can preempt withdrawal disputes by applying the following tips.

  • Make sure your verification documentation and data is in order and that it is consistent with the information on your profile. Verification data here may include photo IDs, mailing address, email address and phone number.
  • Check the wagering requirements associated with promotions and bonuses you have utilised. Only make a withdrawal request if you are certain you satisfy the conditions.
  • Note the expected processing times. You may assume it’s a failed withdrawal when in fact it is the time it takes for the money to get to your account. E-wallets and credit/debit cards are processed fastest while wire transfers and cheques take the longest.
  • Regularly check the status of the withdrawal. If the withdrawal is unsuccessful, that will be clearly indicated in your account notifications and/or transaction statement.

Procedures to follow in case of dispute with an online casino

  • If you cannot tell why your withdrawal is delayed or failed, contact the casino’s customer support team for clarification and avenues for resolution. Good casinos have a clear internal dispute resolution process you can follow to sort out the matter.
  • In case you are unable to withdraw your money and the online casino does not provide a satisfactory explanation why, you can escalate the issue to the licensing authority or regulator. Since NZ does not licence online casinos, the body to take your complaint to will depend on where the casino has been licensed.

Tips for Safe Online Gambling

Successful withdrawal is not your only end goal when gambling online. Stay away from unhealthy, unsafe habits. For starters, only bet at casinos licensed and regulated by a recognized government body. With online betting, that regulator will be outside NZ. 

Also, don’t rush into gameplay — take time to carefully read the casino’s terms and conditions particularly those affecting withdrawal. Define a gambling budget that you strictly adhere to. Take play breaks when you feel overwhelmed.

In case you are struggling with self control, contact a third party for support such as Gambling Helpline NZ.


There’s always an excitement that comes with converting the funds in your online casino account to actual cash that you can transact in the real world. Failed withdrawals can be an anticlimax. To avoid disappointment, take time to familiarise yourself with the laws and internal procedures governing the process. Above all, maintain a cool head and gamble responsibly.

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