When done responsibly, online gambling can be a fun, memorable recreational activity you do in your spare time. Earning some money from it is a plus. 

So if you find that the moments right before or after you gamble are filled with stress, dread, regret, anger, financial strain or problems managing your home and work life, it might be time to delete your online casino account. 

Your favourite online casino does have an exit process. We’ll take a look at key facets of it including preparation, steps to close your account, data privacy considerations, reopening a closed account and alternatives to deletion.

Preparing for Account Deletion

To ensure everything is in the clear, start by checking your account balance. While doing so, confirm that you do not have any pending transactions — whether fund deposits, game winnings or fund withdrawals.

Redeem any bonuses and loyalty points you are eligible for if they have cash value. You will not have access to these once the account is closed. Also, check that you conform with all requirements for funds withdrawal including wagering terms.

Explore options for account suspension. This is a softer path than account deletion and allows you to sign back into your account in almost the same state as it was, in case you want to return in the future.

Step-by-Step Guide to Deleting Your Account

1. Log in to Your Casino Account

Are you the legitimate owner of the account? Successfully logging in to your account effectively confirms that you have the authority and credentials required to initiate account deletion.

2. Access the Account Settings Page

Once you are in, make your way to the Settings page. This is where you usually define your profile preferences. 

3. Locate the 'Delete Account' or 'Close Account' Option

Somewhere in the Settings page, you should see an option to ‘Delete Account’, ‘Close Account’ or similar wording. 

Like most tech platforms, this option is usually placed at or near the very bottom of menu options on the Settings page. The idea is of course to discourage account closure (casinos are a business after all, so they would prefer it if you keep playing). But it is also because account closure is expected to be a last resort — something you get into after you have exhausted all other options.

If you cannot find this option, you can contact your casino via live chat or email, and notify them that you wish to delete your account.

4. Provide a Reason for Account Closure (if Required)

Online casinos cannot make you play against your will. They recognise that if you have made up your mind to leave, you will leave either way, even if it means simply abandoning the account. 

However, it is in the casino's best interests to know why you are leaving. Not only is this a chance for them to present other problem-solving options, but it also provides them with valuable information. They can use this to improve their service and reduce the likelihood of other players deleting their accounts in the future. 

If you are asked for your reason for leaving, be straightforward. It might help someone else avoid a similar predicament in the future.

5. Confirm Your Decision to Deactivate the Account

Here’s the casino giving you your final shot at changing your mind. Say no and you can abandon the process. Say yes and the process of deleting your profile will commence. This step is also meant to prevent accidental deletion.

6. Verify Deletion via Email or with Support Team (if Applicable)

Some casinos go one step further and give one very last chance to cancel the deletion process. That may be through an email sent to you with a link you need to click to confirm account deletion, or via a call/chat with support. Irrespective of the process, go through with it to delete your account.

Ensuring Data Privacy and Security

Casinos possess a wealth of personally identifiable information. Take time to read the casino’s data retention policies. It should show you if and for how long the casino will hold onto your data before permanently erasing it.

Often, this will be determined by the laws of the casino’s jurisdiction of record or where the majority of its customers are based. For example, the provisions of the GDPR would apply to businesses whose customers include EU citizens.

Before requesting account deletion, manually delete any data yourself where there is the ability to do so. Go one step further and clear all cookies and cache from your browser. That way, you do not retain any of the online casino’s information or tracking data on your device.

Implications of Account Deletion

The fact that you are considering account deletion means you likely have strong grounds for taking that path. Still, recognise the implications of account deletion. Access to any funds in your gaming account is one key consequence. If you fail to withdraw beforehand, you will lose the money.

Less concerning but quite significant from a playing perspective is the complete loss of your gaming history, accumulated achievements and account preferences. If you open a new online casino account, you will effectively be building your profile from scratch.

Account Deletion Alternatives

Account deletion is not the only way to reset your relationship with an online casino. Explore less permanent alternatives first.

For starters, you could initiate a temporary suspension of the account or any other avenue for self-exclusion. See this as an opportunity to cool off and regain your bearings before taking another shot at responsible, sustainable gambling. If the online casino has tools for limiting screen time or deposit amounts, make use of these.

Another route is to reach out to external support systems such as Gambling Helpline NZ. They can provide free resources to help you overcome problematic gambling habits.

Reopening a Closed Account

You may be able to reopen a closed account in the future. Whether you can, and how to do so will vary from one online casino to the next. Contact the site’s customer support for the procedure.


Account deletion is a relatively standard process. Apart from logging into your account and choosing the account closure option under account settings, you should delete as much of your personal information as you can before commencing the process. There are alternatives to deletion including suspension and self-exclusion options. Tap into these opportunities for responsible gambling before contemplating deletion.

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