New Model Sheets

Posted on February 27, 2017 5:29 pm

Last month, we revealed the model sheets for Ginseng and Honey, Dhar, and Razmi!

This month we’re working on Baozhai and Phoebe, so here’s a look at their updated character designs and model sheets!

First up is Baozhai’s model sheet.

For reference, here’s her original design:

And here’s Baozhai’s updated design:

Those who watch our animations streams on Twitch have already caught a glimpse of Baozhai’s updated design. As you can see, compared to the original, we’ve made quite a few changes!

Aside from the changes to her clothes and hair, you can see that we replaced her dragon cannon with two shoulder cannons.

Baozhai’s original gameplay concept focused more on her harpoon, with her cannon as a support. But her updated gameplay concept focuses more on rapid cannon fire, so we wanted to emphasize that element of her design more with two smaller cannons. And, while cool, we always had concerns about animating the original, very detailed dragon cannon, so this redesign helped there, as well.

Next up we have Phoebe!

Here’s Phoebe’s original design:

And here’s the updated design:

As you can see, Phoebe’s design underwent very few changes from her original design to the final. Aside from unifying her style with the other characters, she was made slightly taller, and is now actually the tallest character in the game. Her hair and outfit were modified slightly for animation purposes, and she got a few more battle scars to balance her out.

Finally, here’s a lineup of all the final designs we’ve revealed so far, so you can see how they compared to each other for scale!