Naga Rider Animations and Gameplay

Posted on October 17, 2017 1:33 am

The hero of Tai Krung City, defender of the dharma, protector of the people: he is Naga Rider!

A true hero of justice must always have a signature stance! Or several!

Naga Rider utilizes his Iddhi to manifest psychic armor, forged from his very thoughts.

Naga Rider’s Neutral Attack is a three-hit combo, striking with the swiftness of a snake!

With his Up Attack, his Iddhi takes the form of a rising Naga Spirit!

With his Down Attack, Naga Rider conjures his thoughtform “legless mount” and crashes it into the enemy.

Naga Rider’s Iddhi Attacks make him even more deadly with bursts of Iddhi energy, vanquishing all evil that stands in his way!

A snake that kicks? Absurd! Naga Rider unleashes his signature Naga Kick to finish off his opponent!

You’ll have to wait for the final game to see his Level 3 Iddhi Attack, which is centered entirely around his mount!

Backer Preview Update

After some additional delays, as we worked to meet Sony and Microsoft’s certification standards, we are currently on track to submit the Backer Preview tomorrow, October 17th!

If all goes well, it should be out in about a week! But, as always, keep an eye on Facebook and Twitter for the latest information.

With the Backer Preview coming soon, we will be charging the following individuals on Friday, October 20th:

  • All BackerKit pre-orders
  • The handful of IGG backers that initially pledged less than $30 and later upgraded to a $30-or-over tier

BackerKit preorders will continue as planned until 12/31, and new orders after 10/20 will be charged every few days.

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