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Kampan was born to a poor family in the slums of the city. She was always a bright and determined child, and she quickly learned how to make a living on the streets. When she was sixteen, she met a man who would change her life forever and show her true colours. This man was a powerful sorcerer, and he took her under his wing. He taught her how to use her magic, and she quickly became his most powerful student.

When she was twenty, her mentor was killed by a rival sorcerer and Kampan nurtured a hatred for assassins. She took her mentor's place as the city's most powerful sorcerer. Kampan quickly expanded her reign, using her magic to take control of the city's underworld. She ruled with an iron fist, and soon her enemies began to fear her.

As she grew older, Kampan began to change. The power and the responsibility began to take their toll on her. She became more ruthless and cruel, and she began to distance herself from her friends and allies. 

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