Kampan Animations and Gameplay

Posted on November 2, 2017 9:17 pm

A gifted mechanic and thief, Kampan uses her custom Buster Arm to rob the Iron Kingdom’s nobility.

You’ll notice that the animations in today’s update aren’t as rough as those we usually feature – these have gone through the second phase of animation production, tie-down. Rough animations are tied-down, and then go to clean-up for the final shading and coloring.


Central to Kampan’s gameplay is her Down Attack, which loads a Buster Shell into her Arm. While all of her attacks function on their own, loading a Shell beforehand significantly powers them up.

Using Kampan’s Down Attack multiple times in succession will do something, but what exactly that something is will be determined through gameplay testing. Current thoughts are letting her stock multiple Shells, or giving her an AoE ground punch move.

Another idea is that if Kampan has a Shell loaded, defending at just the right time will use it in a counterblast instead of blocking.

Kampan’s neutral attack is a swift punch, which can be augmented with a Buster Shell. If she has a shell loaded, the recoil from the blast  sends Kampan flying backwards.


Kampan’s Up Attack is an unblockable grab, leading into a hit or an explosion, depending on whether or not she has a Shell loaded.


The current plan for Kampan’s singular Iddhi Attack is that it’s an all-out attack, consuming whatever Iddhi and actions she has available. The more of each, the more powerful the Iddhi Attack will be. And, naturally, it will be even more powerful if Kampan has a Buster Shell loaded!

Finally, here’s Kampan’s model sheet!

Backer Preview Update

The Backer Preview is still moving ahead!

The build has been approved by Sony in both the US and EU, and has been submitted to Microsoft.

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