Kaanul’s Enemies

Posted on May 1, 2018 12:48 am

Sorry for the long delay since our last update!

Between finishing up the Backer Preview Update, Game Developers Conference, getting over con flu, and post-GDC follow-up work, we’ve been really swamped.

Today’s update is about some of the foes Ajna and Co. will face in the Kaanul region. If you missed that post, you can read about it  here.

First up is Tzitzi, the Snake Queen’s enforcer and adjutant. Using her razor-sharp talons and projectiles, Tzitzi can quickly cut anyone that opposes her to ribbons.


Cihuateteo are wrathful spirits commanded by Tzitzi and the Snake Queen to guard their underground haven from intruders, and capture anyone who would try to escape.


The titans of Kaanul’s cenotes, the Yahui are massive turtle-like reptiles. If their sheer size didn’t make them dangerous enough, they can set the flint in their noses and tails on fire and use it to burn their enemies.


Don’t let their cute looks deceive you – thanks to the poison they secrete, Cueyatl are deadly fighters.

The Cueyatl is actually a variant of a frog monster created by one of our Angel backers, Sawin L. It was originally inspired by a Malaysian proverb about a frog living under a coconut shell. We’ve repurposed it as a Cueyatl with his permission, but you can also expect to see them outside of Tai Krung City as he originally intended.


Huay Chivo are half-man, half-beast sorcerers that live in Kaanul’s cenotes. While they usually prefer to feed on livestock, those disappeared as the people of Kaanul moved underground. Mad with hunger, they now attack pretty much anyone and anything that crosses their paths.


Like the Cueyatl, the Huay Chivo is a repurposed monster created by one of our Angel backers, Derek S. It was originally intended to be a shaman that roamed the Almutah Sands region, and we’ll be reusing it in Kaanul with his permission.


Backer Preview Update Update

We’re still working hard on the Backer Preview Update, and cramming everything in we can!

We’re aiming to submit it for certification in the next week or so. If all goes well, we hope to have it out in… two weeks.

In the Here’s a sneak peek at something else we’ve been working on:

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