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Forums Under Construction -- We Need Your Help!

Discussion in 'Community Notices' started by GinAndIronic, Apr 6, 2017.

  1. GinAndIronic

    GinAndIronic Guest

    Hello all,

    Welcome to the Indivisible Forums!

    As you can see, things are a bit, well, clunky right now. We're working on a lot of behind the scenes tweaks to make these forums the best experience possible (that includes things like adjusting the colors for practically every web element for readability).

    That's where you come in: We ask that while you're here, if you run into any problems please post them in this thread. We'll be monitoring your feedback here and making tweaks and adjustments based on your feedback. These forums are just as much yours as they are ours and we want you to not only enjoy your time here, but we'd like to see you keep coming back, too.

    We look forward to hearing your feedback and making the appropriate changes for our community's new home ^_^
  2. Progamuffin

    Progamuffin New Member

    Seems like everything is running ok, except the font color was making signing up, posting a status on my profile, and making a title for a thread a bit hard. I can't see what I'm typing unless I highlight it. Examples: whitefont.PNG whitefont2.PNG whitefont3.PNG whitefont4.PNG whitefont5.PNG whitefont6.PNG whitefont7.PNG

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