Crowdfunding Officially Closed

Posted on January 3, 2018 2:25 am

Hello, Backers! And happy new year from everyone at Lab Zero Games!

As of January 1st, 2018 all pre-orders and crowdfunding have closed, ending with a grand total of $2,216,972 raised.

As always, Lab Zero is humbled by your support.

And while we fell short of the final stretch goal, please rest assured that every dollar will be used to make Indivisible the best, most-polished experience we can deliver.

With that said, we wanted to be sure to answer the questions we expect to get as we head towards the game’s release.

Indiegogo says the Expected Delivery was in January?

When we created the campaign, we were initially aiming for a January 2018 release timeframe.

The game has since been delayed, so that timeframe is no longer accurate. Unfortunately, Indiegogo doesn’t allow campaigns to change the Expected Delivery date, so there’s nothing we can do about that except keep you apprised on the game’s progress through updates.

Indiegogo sent me a message about perks, and I haven’t gotten mine yet?

Related to the previous question, Indiegogo also sends out an automated message after the Expected Delivery time passes, asking if backers have received their perks.

Because we only collected enough money for one shipment, all perks will be shipping out at the same time – when the game is released.

Can I still change my shipping address?

Yes, you can!

While your surveys are “locked,” you can change your address up until the point we ship the game and your other goodies out.

And don’t worry – you’ll get an e-mail warning before we finalize addresses and lock everything down to prepare for shipment.

If you don’t have access to your survey, you can claim it here.

If you’re having problems with your survey or changing addresses, please contact BackerKit customer service here.

I just got a new game system! Can I still change my platform selection?

Yes, you can!

While there is no time limit for this with digital copies of the game, there will be a deadline for physical platform changes based on when the game goes into production. While that won’t be for a while, please try to make these changes sooner than later.

However, because surveys are locked, we’ll need to handle this manually.

If you’d like to change your platform, please contact BackerKit customer service with the following information to help us do this as speedily as possible:

E-mail address you contributed from
Digital Game Platform Choice (Please specify US or EU)
Backer Preview Platform Choice (Not available on Switch – please specify US or EU for PS4 or XB1)
Physical Game Platform Choice (If applicable)

You can reach BackerKit customer service here.

I’d still like to upgrade my pledge! Can I?

Unfortunately, barring special circumstances, we’re no longer able to offer pledge upgrades.

If you think you have special circumstances, feel free to contact indiegogo (at) labzerogames (dot) com, but we’re going to be fairly strict about this.

I pre-ordered the game at a $60 level or above. How do I get my credit in the game?

Because BackerKit pre-orders don’t offer the same level of functionality as pledges, we have to handle pre-order credits a little differently.

At some point in the future, we’ll be sending out a SurveyMonkey survey to all pre-orderers to collect their names for the credits. So if you pre-ordered the game and you’d like your name in the credits, please keep an eye out for that!

I no longer have access to the e-mail I backed the game from! What do I do?

If you no longer have access to the e-mail address you backed the game from or want to change it for any other reason, please contact BackerKit customer service here.

Given the potentially sensitive nature of this change, please have some corroborating information available.

I have a question you didn’t pre-answer here!

Then feel free to contact us at indiegogo (at) labzerogames (dot) com and we’ll help you out as best we can.

If you need help with your Indiegogo or BackerKit orders, we ask that you not leave comments on Indiegogo and instead contact us directly at indiegogo (at) labzerogames (dot) com.

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