Please note: We noticed that some visitors to our site are looking for the battle system for a game called Indivisible, created by Lab Zero Games. We have no association with that game or company; if you are looking for information about that, please click here.

This is an exciting update about our game that will soon be released, called Battle Mechanics. This computer game requires you to build a mechanic robot, which you use to battle enemies. Your character will not start with many moves, with the primary reason being to highlight the importance of building a robot that can survive many attacks from the enemy. You will also experiment and find the most intuitive way to block incoming attacks.

The robot that you pick will have random stats, so it may be slow or fast, have good enemy blocking, strong attack, or guard crush. You can also initiate a special attack by holding a character's attack button for a significant amount of time. The recharge time is something to keep in mind, as it means you won't be able to hit an enemy in succession. This stops a character from becoming overpowered, they'll need to recharge slowly.

When you guard against an enemy attack, there are some magic attacks which are unblockable. However, you are still able to immediately block afterwards if the next attack is a regular attack. The good thing is, if you survive an unblockable attack, you can launch an enemy with a special hit, and dish out more damage and generate more experience for your character. This is important, as building experience can increase your technique stat and you can store up to 7 special damage items.

In the battle modes, there are one-on-ones, as well as multiple targets. In a one-on-one, your attacks are focused on a single target, making it relatively easy to battle and to block their attacks. However, in the multiple target mode, the defense phase is more active, as groups of enemies focus on a single target, being your robot. To make the defense a bit more manageable, a short pause has been added between each enemy's attack. You can also use all-block, a special move which blocks everyone at once during the defense phase, preventing blockstun from happening and making your character vulnerable.

Another great feature in the battles is the focus block. When you use this move, it will slow down time and allow you to charge defense and your attack targets on the fly. 

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