Backer Preview Released!

Posted on November 13, 2017 8:12 am

The Backer Preview is now live on PlayStation 4 (US and EU), Xbox One, and Steam!

How To Get Your Backer Preview Code

  1. Go to your BackerKit Survey
  2. Complete / Click through your survey
  3. After completing everything click “Get your Digital Downloads”
  4. Input the “beta” code displayed into Steam, PSN or Xbox Marketplace
  5. Enjoy!

If you don’t have your BackerKit survey handy, check your e-mail, or enter your e-mail address here.

If you still can’t find your survey, please contact BackerKit customer service here.

If you need help with your Indiegogo or BackerKit orders, we ask that you not leave comments on Indiegogo and instead contact us directly at indiegogo (at) labzerogames (dot) com.

Can I still get the Backer Preview if I haven’t backed the game yet?

Yes, you can!

All new pre-orders of $30 and over from our BackerKit store are entitled to receive the Backer Preview!

To pre-order the game, go here.

Do I have permission to stream this?

Absolutely. As with the Prototype, stream, Let’s Play, record, etc. to your heart’s content.

New Speed Run Contests

As with the prototype, we’ll be running new speed run contests!

You can read all the details on them here.


About the Backer Preview

After you have a chance to get your hands on it and give it a spin, you will no doubt have some questions.

We hope this post will give you the answers you’re looking for!

Is this how new characters will be acquired in the final game?

The Backer Preview has characters placed throughout the level, and they are added to your party by simply touching them.

This isn’t how things will work in the final game. Story-critical characters will join you through story, while optional characters will require you to complete a short sidequest.

Will the full game will have a plot, cutscenes, dialogue, and all that good stuff?

The only real “plot” in the Backer Preview is the continued effort to chase down Roti, Ajna’s lovable pet tapir. That won’t be so in the full game.

Because Indivisible is a story-driven game, we just wanted to make something that people could try out and give us feedback on, gameplay-wise. We want to keep the public preview as spoiler-free as possible. You’ll have to wait for the full release to get the juicy story bits.

What are these red and blue gems? They don’t seem to do anything.

The blue and red gems strewn about the Backer Preview level are called “Ringsels.”

In the full game, they’ll be empty when you collect them, and will be filled with energy by performing various actions in battle.

Filling a Ringsel mid-battle will provide a temporary buff, and filled Ringsels can be spent outside of battle to upgrade Ajna and your Incarnations.

Is there a map?

Press Up on the D-Pad to see the map.

In the final game, there will also be a menu option to access the map.

Is the battle system finished?

The current battle system is incomplete. Things like battle flow, UI/HUD, as well as some of the more advanced battle functionality for the Incarnations and monsters will continue to be improved and iterated upon.

For example, currently enemies in the Backer Preview can’t do much more than attack and get hit, but in the full game they’ll be able to defend themselves, evade, etc.

In the meantime, we’d love to hear your feedback on the battle system in its current form! Once we’re satisfied with the feedback on the current system, we plan to layer in additional mechanics for more community feedback.

Will the final game have leveling?

The final version of Indivisible will have a leveling system, like other RPGs, but it will be influenced by two main things:

  • Standard leveling
  • Story-related upgrades

The story-related upgrades will be significant, but any progress you gained through standard leveling will still be valuable.

Since Ajna manifests her Incarnations for battle, all of their base stats will be based on Ajna’s so you’ll never need to specifically level up new Incarnations. But leveling up your favorite Incarnations will still be worthwhile if you choose to do so.

Are these all of the weapons and abilities in the game?

What you get in the Backer Preview is just a very small taste of what Ajna will be capable of in the full game. In the final game, Ajna will have access to a total of five different weapons and lots of traversal abilities to help her explore the game’s environments.

If you experiment as you play the Backer Preview, you might be surprised to find some additional abilities. And maybe those abilities will allow you to find…other things…

What should I do if I find a bug?

If you find a bug, please submit it to bugreports (at) labzerogames (dot) com.

Please be as clear and concise as you possibly can with reproduction steps, and screenshots always help, too!