Introducing Latigo

Posted on September 11, 2017 7:48 pm

Back in May, we introduced you to Vasco’s new look.

…It didn’t go quite the way we expected.

We got a lot of feedback, and one thing stood out in all of it: the character had changed too much to still be “Vasco.” After much internal deliberation, we agreed and decided instead to make this an entirely new character.

That new character’s name is Latigo (Lah-TEE-Go), and the original Vasco will return and play a prominent role in his story.

We’ll have more information on Latigo’s backstory and his relationship to Vasco in the future, but for now, let’s take a look at his gameplay and animations.

Latigo is a gunslinger, and appropriately… slings guns. With each of his attacks, you can shoot up to six times by repeatedly pressing his Attack Button, but he’ll have to reload after each volley. Simple and straightforward.

Latigo’s Up Attack uses his gun’s rapier-like bayonet, knocking the enemy to the ground. Again, rapidly pressing the button will fire up to six shots, hitting the targeted enemy and any enemies in front of or behind them.

Latigo’s Down Attack trips his opponent with his bayonet. Rapidly pressing the button fires up to six shots hitting the enemy and any enemies to either side of them.

So, basically, which attack you should use depends on how your enemies are arranged on the battlefield.

After Latigo joins Ajna on her quest, certain NPCs from Latigo’s past will give him new ammo types, which will inflict devastating status effects on their unfortunate targets.

Latigo’s Level 1 Iddhi Power allows him to equip one of these special ammo types, giving him six powered-up shots.

Finally, Latigo’s Level 2 Iddhi Ability stylishly unleashes a hail of bullets, which will be especially devastating when paired with one of his special ammo types.

So there’s the rundown on Latigo!

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