Baozhai Animation and Gameplay

Posted on June 29, 2017 12:25 am

With E3 behind us and Anime Expo ahead of us, let’s take a brief break from all of this convention-going to share some progress on Indivisible.

Today we’ll be looking at everyone’s favorite pirate lady, Baozhai!

Being a pirate, Baozhai’s gameplay focuses on cannons, harpoons… and coins.

Because Baozhai’s Down attack is key to her mechanics, we’ll start with that. She’ll reel an enemy in with her harpoon, steal a coin from them, and send them on their way.

In her neutral attack, Baozhai throws a harpoon. If she’s stolen any coins, she’ll start by throwing one out and that will boost the damage for the attack. Additional follow-up attacks will just throw harpoons, but retain the damage boost from the coin.

Baozhai’s up attack bombards the targeted enemies with cannonfire, but you may damage your own party members if you use it too recklessly.

Coins will also boost the damage of one of Baozhai’s super attacks – the more coins you have, the more hits and the more damage it will do.

That’s it for today’s update!

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