Incarnations: Introducing Zebei

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By now you’re all somewhat familiar with Ajna, Indivisible’s protagonist. On her journey, she’ll encounter a number of other characters, known as “Incarnations,” that will join her on her quest.

One of the Incarnations that will be joining Ajna in the Indivisible playable prototype is Zebei.


Zebei hails from a nomadic tribe renowned for its archery. He left and traveled south in search for answers, because he felt something was missing from his life. He’s a bit shy and can be easily overwhelmed by all the new people and sights he’s encountering on his journey, since he’s never been away from his tribe.
In battle, on the other hand, Zebei is anything but shy. As his tribe’s most accomplished archer, he can be a bit of a show-off, wowing people with his rapid-fire barrages of arrows and fancy flourishes.

One thought on “Incarnations: Introducing Zebei

  1. It’s a cool design, except the arm armor is really irritating me in a very distracting way. The way the it is sectioned make it look like the bow string would snag on it. And since he is an archer wouldn’t it make sense for the armor to be on the inside of his arm like one of those arm guards often used in archery.

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