Indivisible Playable Prototype Progress Update

The Indivisible playable prototype is nearly complete! We’re putting the finishing touches on it now, putting it through its paces with friends and polishing it up as best we can before we give it to you.

In case you forgot, the Indivisible playable prototype will be distributed completely free to everyone, whether they back the Indiegogo campaign or not. Backers of our Skullgirls Indiegogo campaign will get it a few days early, and it’ll be made available to the wider public when the campaign for Indivisible launches.

Until now, most of what we’ve shown of the game’s environments have been purely collision or “VR missions” style. We’ve been hard at work modeling, texturing and lighting the environment and are ready to show you a little more!

title 01

entrance 01

enviro 03

enviro 04

middle 02


We’re still making adjustments to the lighting and textures, so expect the final result to look even better!
Since we last showed you how Indivisible’s battles work, we’ve made a number of additions to it. All of these new mechanics center around the addition of the Iddhi Meter, which powers magic, super attacks and blocking.

battle 05

You build Iddhi by attacking, and the higher your combos, the faster your Iddhi will build.

battle 02

Once you’ve built up a bar of Iddhi, you can use a character’s magic or super attack by holding L1 and pressing their attack button.

All of Ajna’s Incarnations can channel Iddhi to perform powerful attacks or feats of magic. For example, in the prototype Razmi’s Iddhi magic is a powerful healing spell, which restores a significant amount of the party’s health.

razmi super 05

While an enemy is attacking, you can also hold a character’s button to block. Blocking drains Iddhi, but the damage reduction from a successful block is significant.

blocking 01

Iddhi is accumulated on a per-battle basis, but don’t worry – any you have left at the end of a battle will be converted into health automatically!

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3 thoughts on “Indivisible Playable Prototype Progress Update

  1. Este juego luce realmente prometedor con la misma calidad de imagen que se mostró en Skullgirls solo dejo a consideración de la compañia desarrolladora colocar traducciones de vos al latino

  2. Interesting. So it seems battles are on a encounter system while still being real time? Similar to something like Star Ocean for the SNES? Arena encounters? I’m still having to wrap my head around the concept but if executed correctly it could be a really refreshing take on turn base rpg’s.

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