Incarnations: Introducing Razmi

Today we’re introducing the second Incarnation joining Ajna in the Indivisible playable prototype, Razmi!


A reclusive shamaness, Razmi lived on the outskirts of her village. There she devoted every waking hour to the study of shamanic magic, more for her own interest than any practical use.

Awkward and snarky, Razmi doesn’t get along particularly well with Ajna or the other Incarnations. Instead, she prefers to consult with Bom, the tiger spirit that lives in her lantern. As long as the lantern remains lit, Bom will be with her.

In battle, Razmi sics Bom’s fiery spirit on her enemies, and wields powerful spells and hexes. While extremely capable in combat, Razmi finds it rather bothersome and would rather be studying on her own, warmed by Bom’s light.

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