Battling in Indivisible

Finally… the moment many of you have been waiting for!

Indivisible’s battle system is very much inspired by Valkyrie Profile’s, but we’re leveraging our combat expertise to make it more active and give it even more depth and customization.

This is obviously still work-in-progress, but it’s getting close to being done.

The Basics
If you’re not familiar with the combat in Valkyrie Profile, each character in your four-person party is mapped to one of the face buttons, and tapping a button will make the corresponding character attack.

Essentially, your party functions as a single, customizable fighting game character – the key to success is mastering your party’s attacks to create combos, and experimenting with new Incarnations and attacks to make the most out of every round.

However, unlike Valkyrie Profile, Indivisible’s battles are not strictly turn-based. We’re taking a more active approach, where characters can attack any time they have actions available. Actions recharge in real time for you and your enemies, so waiting for more characters to be able to act at once allows for bigger combos and gives you more strategic options, but also leaves you open to attack from your enemies.

In addition to the basic controls, as Ajna develops an affinity with her weapons and Incarnations, new attacks will be unlocked. The additional attacks are be activated by tapping a button while holding either Up or Down on your controller. Some of these attacks are powerful and will slow down your recharge rate, especially if you use them in succession.


It should also be noted that attacks are also not limited to just hitting the selected target – every attack’s range extends into the Z-axis, and any enemies in range will be hit simultaneously! Depending on the enemies’ positions, whole groups can be taken out at once with a few choice attacks.

Furthermore, as you upgrade your party’s weapons, they’ll be able to attack multiple times per turn, giving you more options than ever before. In the playable prototype, we’ll be faking this a bit through leveling up, just to give a sense of what progressing in the will be like.

And in case you missed them, be sure to check out our previous updates showing off Ajna’s platforming prowess and the character reveals for Zebei, Razmi and Tungar!

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5 thoughts on “Battling in Indivisible

  1. “However, unlike Valkyrie Profile, Indivisible’s battles are not strictly turn-based. We’re taking a more active approach, where characters can attack any time they have actions available”

    Humm , nice early build video and all but Sorry i find the Tri-Ace battles way more exciting and actual fast.
    VP are turn based yes , but between those turns , everything is like real time. And the Battle can be really crazy on those time and it adds many Rythm variations during a combat.
    Your video is cool but the rythm seems to be the same or more of the same each turns.

    I think the way your character goes back is slow and distracting
    Also try to avoid two characters attacking at the same time or close , it can be confusing when they both land attacks

    Normal , UP and low are great find tough but it could be very hard to handle , execution-wise

    Take a look at end of eternity from tri ace also

    It would have been cool to have something seamless but it’s hard and probably impossible to do with your engine.

    Keep it up.

  2. Also , seeing the archer , moving into the battle make no sense , he can move a bit and jump maybe but it adds confusion to the battle (the female mage is good , the indian Heiachi have a quite a bunch of good animations as when he fall in the ground , very well done )

  3. I was waiting for a proper VP clone for a long time, i am now waiting to donate for this game. I do have a request, could you guys not shove the tutorial mid gameplay please? have it work akin to Final Fantasy Tactics where you play the whole game without interruption but you have the tutorial if you want to learn more deep mechanics. I’ll start donating with this same email in the future.

  4. This looks like a lot of fun, i think me and this game will get along just fine, in fact, i may just put as much hours into this as into skullgirls, if not more giving my love for RPGs and Platformers

    thanks again Lab Zero for seemingly mastering another genre

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