Ajna’s Inner Realm

Along with her mysterious ability to fuse with Incarnations she encounters, on her journey Ajna will also discover she can meditate and enter a mysterious dimension growing inside her.

The Incarnations Ajna absorbs exist in this “Inner Realm,” which gradually grows and evolves the more powerful Ajna becomes. Her Inner Realm begins as some rocks in a void, and will eventually develop into a safe haven and secret base reminiscent of Ajna’s hometown.


Once she discovers it, Ajna’s Inner Realm becomes Indivisible’s central hub, where most of the game’s sidequests, upgrade and saving functionality resides. Simply pressing a button will send Ajna inside herself, sparing players a lot of needless trekking back to towns.

In addition to the playable Incarnations, you’ll also encounter many whose sole purpose is to expand or add functionality to Ajna’s Inner Realm. For example, quests to upgrade your weapons and armor may come from a blacksmith Incarnation you discover, or a biologist might unlock a bestiary.

Additionally, talking to your battle Incarnations will send you on side quests to help them resolve their personal stories and power them up.

To summarize, Ajna’s Inner Realm will let you immediately:

  • Save almost anywhere in the game
  • Upgrade weapons and armor
  • Start side quests
  • Talk with your Incarnations to learn more about them
  • Jog your memory on what you’ve got to do next

Indivisible will have other town environments, of course. Whereas Ajna’s Inner Realm mostly holds sidequests and upgrade-oriented content, critical path quests will mostly come from towns located throughout the world.

While the current plan is for Ajna’s Inner Realm to manifest like her home town, as a stretch goal we’d like to let you customize the appearance, selecting architecture throughout the game so you can customize Ajna’s Inner Realm however you see fit!

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